Agnese Tarnapovica’s journey as a self-made success story in the modelling and the aesthetic science world garners massive headlines.

The mesmerizing beauty also runs “Face Set,” her medical aesthetics brand, changing the beauty notions in society for the better. It is so surreal to read more and know about individuals who always make sure to pave their own path to growth and success. This is something not all have been able to do. However, there are a...

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Nebahat Püsküllü has carved some of the most fantastic jewelry accessories and taken the brand to newer heights.

Nebahat Püsküllü's hard work and dedication have helped her succeed with her brand. Jewelry designers have been responsive to these growing trends and have boosted their game to be at par with competitors. Out of all the names, one who has done wonders around this sphere is Nebahat Püsküllü. Nebahat Püsküllü has carved her distinct niche around this...

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Pamela Quinzi: Making her name prominent as an incredible entrepreneur and celebrity fashion designer.

She launched Melapa Boutique, an online store, enthralling all with her Kilame Collection Styles, created by her. There have been tons of success stories worldwide from across different sectors and fields. Many of such success stories include an extensive list of women professionals who have given it their all and shown their A-game in all that they chose...

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Meet Erika Emaldi ,Hot model in New York.

Erika's name needs no introduction, as people across the globe have already noticed her due to her hilarious performances that have taken the internet world by storm. She is a 22-year-old model living and thriving in New York. Erika attended the school in her hometown in northern Italy in the mountain. She's always been an excellent student; however,...

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