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Anthony Shnayderman, One Of The Nightlife’s Most Prominent Event Promoters In A Competitive & Saturated Industry, Doc Has Been Able To Stand Out As An Organizer & Consultant

His reach expands across many popular cities from NYC, Miami, LA, and Las Vegas. Still, he did not let the pandemic nor being limited to just the popular destinations stop him but instead continued to innovate and get involved in more desired projects and places. This New York native and serial entrepreneur began his promotional work in college....

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BYAC Plans To Make Noise During NYC NFT.

Ape Fest Will Be At Pier 17. Here's What We Know. The Bored Ape Yacht Club released new information about this year's Ape Fest causing the typically bored apes to become overwhelmed with excitement! "It's official — June 20-23, 5-10 pm, apes are taking over Pier 17 in NYC for ApeFest," the BAYC tweeted Monday evening. "Can't wait...

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Leveling the Playing Field with Web3

NFTs and cryptocurrencies are sweeping the globe! Ukraine has received millions of dollars in bitcoin for crisis relief to support with a universal form of money. NFTs are now being incorporated into museums, brands, and even sports arenas, quickly becoming a part of mainstream society. We see it growing around us, but many ask: how are these NFTs...

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Enabling everyone to benefit from blockchain technology without crypto knowledge

Zug, Switzerland, 9 Feb 2022, Due to its decentralized nature, blockchain has the potential to disrupt traditional business models by eliminating the middleman. However, many blockchain solution providers struggle to build products that are easy to use by the masses. This adoption problem of blockchain is widely shared within the entire industry. In the HR industry, a decentralized...

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What Is To The Moon Digital?

Learn about an agency and its value to the NFT communities and other companies To The Moon (TTM) Digital is a full-service digital media agency run by a diverse team of experts working remotely worldwide. This agency has it all, from customized website creation to logo designs to NFT art services and more. TTM Digital was founded on...

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